May 18, 2011

Know what's on your pyrex.

 These aren't all of the vintage Pyrex patterns ever made, but these are some of our favorites!

 1. "Snowflake Blue"
Colors: blue and white
Found in blue on white and white on blue.
Introduced in: 1972.

 2. "Spring Blossom Green"
Colors: green and white.
Found in green on white and white on green.
Introduced in: 1972.
3. "Butterfly Gold"
Found in several shades and variations.
Introduced in: 1972.

4. "Butterprint"
Colors: turquoise, yellow, and pink.
Variations include one of the three colors on white and white on one of these three colors.
Introduced in: 1957

5. "Daisy"
Colors: yellow and orange introduced around 1968.
Pink and white was also used briefly in the 1950's.

6. "Designs" (aka "Arches" or "Fishscale")
Colors: gold and orange
Introduced in: the 70's.

7. "Early American"
Colors:  brown, white, and gold.
Variations include brown and white, white and brown, and with gold.
Introduced in: 1961

8. "Friendship"
Colors: orange and red
Introduced in: 1971

9. "Gooseberry"
Colors: pink, white, black, yellow.
Variations include pink on white, white on pink, black on yellow, and black on white.
Introduced in: 1957

10. "New Dot"
Colors: red, yellow, blue, avocado
Introduced in: 1967

11. "Snowflake"
Colors: turquoise, white, charcoal
Found in two arrangements: larger snowflakes in a straight line,
and smaller snowflakes in two rows.
Introduced in: the 50's.

12. "Rainbow Stripes"
Colors: yellow, blue, pink, tan
Introduced in: 1965

Information Sources:
"Pyrex - The Unauthorized Collector's Guide" By: Barbara E. Mauzy


  1. ah my parents have a few of the "butterfly gold" pieces.. i've been plotting how to kidnap them now for a while hehe

    i friendship one is my faaaavorite.. soo cuuuute

  2. The Butterfly Gold and Gooseberry are hiiigh on my list! This post is going in my favorites :)

  3. drooling. love this post!!

  4. Love this! As someone new to pyrex collecting, I have to say... very informative!

  5. Love this post! Just acquired my grandma's 'Spring Blossom Green' set!

  6. oh so pretty. i have a bowl in spring blossom green and butterfly gold! what a wonderful post!

  7. Love this! I just started collecting, and Butterprint was my first purchase. Going to focus on getting some flamingo pink stuff now. :)

  8. there is a lady here in Massachusetts that collects and sells all things pyrex...when I went to the antique show she was at (didnt know she existed yet) I knew all the good because of this post and she was so excited! heh thanks guys!

  9. So totally awesome. What an awesome post. You ladies rock. I have 5 of these and lusting after 6 & 10. Never seen these in Australia [yet]. So glad I found your blog. New favourite.