May 16, 2011

Our first sale ever!

Yesterday we participated in our first ever sale as Oh So Lovely, and it was a success! Of course, we didn't have our trailer up and running for that yet, but it was a good way to get a feel of what we will be doing all summer! We had a lot of fun and met some amazing new faces! We really want to thank everyone that came down to support us and show their love, we totally appreciated it!

These are a few shots we snapped throughout the day, so if you didn't get a chance to come down in person, here is a little peek of what went on...

This was our little spot!

 We had vintage clothing for sale...

...and lots of fun housewares!

We also did a collaboration with Tony Chestnut where we gave old vintage shirts new love!

We had a little bake sale, where all proceeds were donated to helping Japan.

The prettiest typewriter in the world courtesy of our friend, Christie. Wow!

Rollin couldn't get enough of it either!

We had a great turn out, even lots of tiny friends showed up! Here Erin's dad is holding baby Akaose!

Thanks again everyone! We had the best time!

Lots of love,
Stef & Erin


  1. Safe to say I'm completely jealous! ;D But totally happy for you two. Looks like it turned out LOVELY! Btw, your pics are quite dreamy looking too! The wall sign is TOOOOO CUTE! Congrats on your first sale, ladies!

  2. Oh boy, women. First of all, I thought of you both one hundred times through out the day yesterday and sent all the lady power I could muster through thought shapes, you know what I mean Frin. Second, that photo of Erin's dad, also my dad made tears SPRING to my eyes (still). Cal and Axe, never thought I would see the day. Gorgeous combo. I hope you two are thrilled with the results of your first sale. I was so sorry to miss the occasion but look forward to what is in store for Olive & Co.

    Luh you (both), Megs

  3. I had the greatest time sifting through the Oh So Lovely treasures. You guys nailed it.

  4. I love your set up, very well executed! If I'd see a stand like that it would be the first one I'd go to :)

  5. so amazing, really wish i could have been there. definitely supporting you in spirit! xo