May 17, 2011

Primarily red, yellow and blue.

There's something so magical about primary colors! Maybe it's because they remind us of a more simple time-elementary school. So here are a couple snippets of some red, yellow and blue to start your Tuesday!

 The lovely Angie Johnson of 'Norwegian Wood' (she's an ex-winnipeger!) 

 Great print from Kris Atomic.

Beautiful benches in blue, red and yellow!

We couldn't do a primary colored post without a little pyrex!

If we had an Ipad, we'd buy this Marc Jacobs case!


  1. love this post - so colorful!
    the chairs in that tent are so fun!!

  2. All of those images make me so happy. Those benches need to be in my home NOW. I should try some primary colors in my wardrobe.

    Thanks for sharing!