June 14, 2011

Current obsession: turquoise + yellow.

By now, we're sure that you have noticed that we are completely mad about colors! We are not intimidated to mix and match bright colors in our homes and wardrobes and we love trying out different color combinations! But hands down, one of our absolute favorite color combos has to be turquoise + yellow, which is why we tried to incorporate as much as possible into our trailer interior and our outdoor decor at our grand opening party! There is just something so indescribably dreamy about these colors, as you can tell by these wonderful photos below.

The Enjoy Cupcakes Shasta trailer is absolutely stunning, not to mention incredibly inspiring! My husband, Emery, and I have a turquoise Shasta trailer that we are in the process of restoring, and we can only hope that one day ours will look as gorgeous as this one!

We love the modern cabinets mixed with the vintage wallpaper print in this kitchen.
We can't get enough of these colors, not to mention the amazing Scandinavian mid-century inspired prints on these fabrics! Wow wow. This website has tons of gorgeous printed fabrics to choose from!

These are pretty much our dream shoes.
It doesn't get much better than the decor in this 1958 kitchen.

What about you, what are your current color combo obsessions?

Love love,
Stef & Erin xo


  1. just found your blog and am DYING.
    ahhhh!!! someone with my taste!

  2. also does your traveling camper ever come to wichita kansas or is that wishful thinking?
    thought so.

  3. ah-- yellow and turquoise.
    Two of my bestest love languages.

  4. omg! those shoes are to die for!

  5. Love these colors too! So fun for summer!