June 15, 2011

Niverville Fair.

 This past weekend we had our first event with our trailer, Olive! We brought her to the Niverville Fair where we officially set up shop for the first time, and we had a blast! The street was closed down for the fair for Friday & Saturday and we were there for both days! We met a lot of amazing people and even some of our blog readers, which was so exciting! 

Here are a few pictures we snapped over those two days:
On Friday afternoon we packed up our (many) bags and hit the road to Niverville! (for those of you who don't know where that is, it is about half an hour south of Winnipeg.)

Once we arrived we rushed to set everything up as quickly as possible! We can't leave anything in the trailer while we drive because unfortunately the ride is a bit too bumpy, so we have to redo our set up every time we travel somewhere different! Not too worry, we are become very speedy at packing and unpacking...

..and voila! An hour and a million suitcases unpacked later, we were officially ready to open our doors for the first time!

The first day was a whirlwind of curious people and fun shoppers! We were rushing around all evening as soon as we opened our doors, and before we knew it, day one was coming to a close! It was time to go home and recharge for day two!

We headed back out to Niverville early on Saturday morning and we were greeted by the most gorgeous day we have had all year! Sunny clear skies with not a cloud in sight! We couldn't have asked for anything better! Here are some fun shots we took that day:

Now that we have our first official event successfully completed, we are even more excited for our next event this coming weekend! We will be at the Steinbach Fair all day Friday & Saturday, so if you live in the Manitoba area, please come stop by and say hello!


  1. looks amazing you guys! SO awesome!

  2. Im so jealous of your little trailer! I am wanting one so bad! You guys are too cute!

  3. very nice Congrats ladies!!! BEST WISHES!!!

  4. Lovely is a perfect word to describe you both and your lil shop! I wish you were closer to San Antonio, TX so I could enjoy your cute shop on wheels!

  5. you guys look absolutely amazing! what a fun time!

  6. I just followed the trail over from instagram and I'm sure glad I did!
    You're tiny shop is adorable! My friend and I have wanted to do the same thing for a year now, but we're mostly talk about such things.
    Anywho, congratulations to both of you (and Olive) on such a successful first event.

  7. so fantastic! it looks like a great time! wish we lived closer, we would have certainly made a stop to see you!

  8. Ahhhhh! Okay I know where I want to road trip this summer! To meet you guys and Miss Olive!!! Looks like a blast, I just can't get over how adorable your little shop on wheels is! :)

  9. we wish you all lived closer! we're hoping to go south of the border next summer!