July 18, 2011

Canola fields & high heels.

Last week we had the privledge of doing a photoshoot with our very talented friend, Brittany Hildebrandt! She used to live here in Winnipeg, but just recently she moved to Ontario, and whenever she comes back to visit we are always very eager to collaborate with her! During her last visit we drove out to the country early one Sunday morning and set up shop in a canola field. We brought a fun party playlist and we all had the best time dancing around on the gravel road in our heels! She sent us this one sneak peek photo from the shoot and we are completely head over heels with how amazing it turned out! Whoa, this girl definitely has the magic touch! Now we are dying of curiosity to see the rest!!!

Here are a few behind the scenes shots of clothes lines, vintage dresses,
& canola flowers that we snapped during the day:


  1. I love everything about this shoot! Such a clever idea for showcasing your merch and your brand! Love it!



  2. gorgeous colours & photos. lovely!

  3. your photo is so beautiful!!!! wow!

  4. absolutely gorgeousssss. that first photo is insanely perfect. it makes me happy :)

  5. What a beautiful backdrop! It looks so wonderful. The camper was a beautiful set-up; I think it modeled you and the clothes so well. And I would never pass up an opportunity to dance on the gravel road. :)

  6. oh my gosh, she's just beautiful. that colour is pure perfection. such a lovely blog you have here. x