July 16, 2011

Lovely sponsors part 1.

Why hello there lovelies! We are on our way back to the Fringe Festival for day 4 of 12, and it's supposed to be the hottest day yet! We've been having a total blast, meeting new people, selling so many treasures, and soaking up the sun! The days are long and sweaty, but completely worth it! While we're out, please take a moment out of your busy day and check out our amazing sponsors! We will be doing another post of the rest of the sponsors, so make sure you check back! We hope you're having a wonderful week!

Meet Anna of Olive Green Anna!

Meet Anna of And Then She Saved!

Meet Sarah of Sara(h) Darlene!

Meet Jessie of Adorable You Vintage!

Meet  Kaylah of The Dainty Squid!

Meet Inari of Ikomi!

 Meet Hilary of Peppermint Vintage!
 Meet Connie of Risk Photography!

Meet Rebekah of Bird and Feather!

Meet Mish of A Sign Of Life!

 Meet Anna from Victory Garden Yarn!

Meet Cassie from The Veda House!


  1. Okay, I NEVER meet fellow Annas and there are THREE in this mix so far! That is truly awesome. :D

  2. I'm impressed with the amount of Anna's that are your sponsors! Love it!