July 14, 2011

Stove envy.

(photo source)
One day, we will own original 1950's stoves in our homes...until then, a girl can dream, right?

Love the pink top of this one!

This set is so dreamy!

Mint? We've died and gone to heaven!

This sparkling blue one would do too!

The colors of these ones take our breath away!

There's something so magical about a classic white one!


  1. That blue one is reallyyyyyy fantastic :o)

  2. These are too cute!


  3. i would die to have an 50' stove, especailly a pink one... or better yet all 50's kitchen appliances!

  4. I saw one like that sparkle blue one in an out of the way antique store in WV for $350. Supposedly in working condish!

    Lily Darger

  5. the mint and yellow stove are my cup of tea.
    i need to win the lottery. asap.

  6. our new house is historical and comes with a classic white one. from what the former owner tells us, it works better than any new oven. can't wait to cook thanksgiving dinner in it!

  7. These are so gorgeous! I love the bright colored ones- the yellow would brighten up any kitchen! I can't wait to live in a place where I can change up the appliances :)

  8. Oh gosh, forgive me! You DID link to my photos set. I'm so sorry! I had two pages open and posted on the wrong blog's comment box. Thanks again for featuring my kitchen!