August 7, 2011

Nifty fifties.

The 60's aren't the only era that we are in love with, we are also head over heels for the 50's!
So we decided to dedicate this week's 'Sixties Sunday' post to the previous decade!
Here are 5 things we love about the 1950's:

1. The amazing glasses! Check out these fun cats eye frames!

2. The stunning  fashion.
We love this style of dress with a fitted botice and a big full skirt!

3. The music.
Man, what we wouldn't give to see Elvis rockin' it on stage...

4. Ladies knew how to accessorize.
We love how the gorgeous Ava Gardener wore her jewels on top of her gloves! How glamorous is she?

5. And last but not least the transportation!
Look at this dream scenario: a vintage car pulling a vintage camper!

Footnote to our post from yesterday: Just because we have an actual shop now, doesn't mean that we are going to stop taking Olive out! Not to worry friends, she will be making many more appearances! She is still our baby, and we have a lot planned for her! Thanks for all of your concern! xo


  1. Oh goodness gracious! Everything here is PERFECT! I think the 50's have always been my favorite decade.

  2. Love these photos! I really hope I get to see Olive one day!!! That's be awesome!

  3. I love that first peach colored dress, it's simply beautiful! And the transportation was so cute back then (:


  4. That car in the last picture is so cool!! I would love a car like that! ♥

  5. This post just takes my breath away. That aqua dress....ah. Love it all. I really love the fifties. Sigh.

  6. Such lovely images!! The cat's eye glasses are certainly a fave for me.That aqua frock makes me swoon! The car/caravan combo is to die for! OH!
    That's great that you aren't putting Olive into retirement! Not that it really affects me over in NZ,but,y'know,I care.

  7. 50s and 60s are great, i just feel bad for the 40s. Theyre like the older sister that has really great taste but gets outshined by her flashy younger siblings. C:

    also is it ok for people to start wearing gloves again???

  8. I just found your blog! Yay! That peach dress is AMAZING!!! :)

  9. I recently did a school presentation on the fifties, and now I'm obsessed with this era. I love the cat eye glasses:)

    Shelby xoxo