August 8, 2011

Our new shop!

 Ta-da! Here she is in all her glory (no pun intended!).
Tomorrow we will have been in the space for a week already, and we're still pinching ourselves!

Here's a little background info about how Vintage Glory came to be...
Doug Shand opened Vintage Glory in March of 2009 with his partner Lana. Before this store they were in two different locations, the first was a space about 100 square feet behind an old bookstore, and the second was in the basement of Hoopers, a beautiful vintage furniture store down the street from us. I (Erin) met Doug & Lana in the space behind the old bookstore when they first opened conveniently 2 blocks away from my old apartment. I instantly fell in love with this couple and the fact that they were doing their thing in a space no bigger than my bedroom! To this day, some of my favorite vintage finds are from them! Once they opened Vintage Glory's doors, I told Doug that if he ever wanted to move or stop doing what he was doing, that I wanted that space...

  This past year, Doug lost the lovely Lana very suddenly to cancer. In the year that followed, Stef and I really formed a bond with him and while shopping one day, offered to help out with the women's section because that was always Lana's job, and we thought he had enough on his plate. A couple of days later the offer to take over half of the store was put in our lap and we jumped at it!

Also, Doug met another amazing vintage-collecting lady and has recently gotten re-married and we couldn't be happier for the two of them!

Ok, enough talking, are you ready for a little tour?
Are you sure?

When you walk into the store, the men's section is at the front, and you can see our colorful space straight to the back! We have this circle rack full of summer items; cute floral rompers, cropped tops, shorts and retro swimsuits.

We love to color coordinate (or rainbow, rather). Red, orange, yellow, green dresses...

Mint, blue, purple, brown, black, white dresses...

Prints & patterns galore!

 Tops & skirts...
The two fitting rooms are behind this wall.

 Vintage books, transistor radios, cute vinyl and more plastic flowers!

We love the cover of this old book! Do you recognize that radio from inside Olive?

 We love love love our shoe displays. We added squares of plastic grass and they really add a lot of much needed color to the plain old shelves!

 1970's Marie Claire shoes! Aren't they adorable?

 I spy more polka dots!

 We are going to be painting our hangers eventually!

 This is what you see if you are standing at the back and looking towards the store. It's still a major work in progress, but we're having fun with the little cubbies of display!

 We love our little sitting area, with vintage catalogues and magazines, fresh flowers from Stefanie's mom, and comfy orange couch and chairs!

This is the best shot that we could capture with almost everything in view. The shoe display is to the right and the tops & skirts (and fitting rooms) are to the left. We will be posting lots more pictures in the near future, but for now we'll leave you with these beauties!

So, after that little tour we have another announcement to tell you guys!
We're only going to be in this space until October 1! 

Why you ask? Well, after we agreed to move in, there was a lot of drama with the current businesses in the building, and there was talk of some shifts from within. That said, Doug decided that this space reminds him too much of Lana, and that it would be a good thing to move next door and start fresh!
So, we are moving with him! We are moving next door into what was 84 1/2, a vintage furniture shop with a basement, main floor and loft! Doug has already moved to the basement, and is currently working on the main floor. Oh So Lovely will be taking over the loft which is a small but stunning space that we can't wait to transform! We know it may sound a little crazy, but rent is a fraction of the price of what we're paying now, and it literally is the perfect space for us! It is pretty tiny-about 300 square feet, but it even has a teeny tiny office where we can work on the blog!

So, that is the reason that we aren't putting a tonne of work (or money) into Vintage Glory. We won't be painting, or dealing with the rug (which is a mess) or changing up the shelves. Don't worry though, once we move next door, game on!

We hope you liked our little tour!
xo Erin & Stef


  1. A loft vintage shop? That's probably the cutest thing ever. I've probably said this one hundred times now, but I'm so excited to visit. :)

  2. now SEEING your shop makes me certain that a trip to Winnipeg is in my near future! looks lovely, ladies!

  3. It's adorable! You ladies did a wonderful job with the space. :) I love that you color-coordinated the clothing.

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    (aka Funtime from Funtime Frocks Etc

  5. Wow! So much going on - it sounds thrilling and overwhelming and exciting and awesome. So excited for you guys. I'm planning to come see the space on a lunch break and I'll be sure to introduce myself.


  6. What an amazing space! :D

    Have a colorful week!


  7. Can't wait to come check out the space, looks amazing.

    Congratulations again girls, you deserve it!

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    It's wonderful to watch your lovely business succeed and grow!