October 26, 2011

We're in...

We just picked up our copies of the Fall issue of Winnipeg's finest-Sandbox magazine, partially because we're in it! Remember that photoshoot that we told you about a couple of weeks back? It took place at "Tinkertown" which is an amusement park for little kids, that both Stef and I went to when we were little! It was definitely one of the best shoots we've had to date! We got to eat cotton candy, jump on a crazy giant ball, ride the train and walk around before the park opened, in pretty vintage dresses! 

Click the last two photos to see a larger version!
We pretended to make lemonade in this giant lemon which reminded us of the frozen banana stand on Arrested Development!

It truly was such a fun day and we were so tickled that we got to be in Sandbox!


  1. What a beautiful magazine! That is such a great honor. Congratulations! xo, rv


  2. Aah, that's so exciting! I used to love going to Tinkertown. I'll definitely pick up this issue when I come to the city.

  3. o. my. god. such a cuteeee shoot. you girls are just darling.

  4. Congratulations, ladies; This is such an awesome accomplishment! Your blog, trailer & new store give us reason to take a trip to Canada <3

  5. wow, the photos are amazing! congrats ladies!! and you both look gorgeous!

  6. I love love LOVE your blog. I'm so sad I haven't discovered it sooner. Hello from a fellow vintage enthusiast from California! My boyfriend and I just started a vintage themed blog (http://babybyrdvintage.blogspot.com). Maybe we can collaborate sometime on a post?

    Thank you again for the inspiration :)

  7. ERIN! STEF! This spread incredible!! Tinkertown is such a weird place, but somehow you guys make it look so glamorous and effortless. Erin, the photo of you in the polkadot dress wearing the coral-me-wild headband that you wore on your wedding day made me tear up. Sweet memories. Ahh I miss you.

    You are in the air right now, making your merry way to a place both familiar and unfamiliar! AHH SECOURS! Are you wearing cute steivlah on your feet? Are your underwater cams at ready? I hope you have success on the Eastern side Lovelies, my thoughts are with you both.

    Je t'aime, Madge

  8. This is so exciting! You guys deserve this because all of your photos are just amazing!