November 29, 2011

Holiday sponsorship rates!

It's not too late to reserve your 3 month sponsor spot or one spot for the month of December!
In case you missed it last time, you can read about our special holiday rates here.
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Stef & Erin

Hello yellow!

Today we are spending the day running errands for the new shop and continuing to unpack box after box after box! So far it's coming together amazingly and it's almost killing us to keep the photos under wraps! Not to worry, we are hoping to be done in the next few days and you will be among the first to see it! Until then we will leave you with some happy yellow-y goodness! Happy Tuesday!

November 28, 2011

Pretty party dresses!

Erin and I spent the day yesterday moving all of our stock into our new store, and let's just say that it is looking INCREDIBLE in there!!! The store is really starting to take form! All of the racks and shelves look so amazing packed full of vintage dresses, cute radios, and other exciting treasures! It was definitely a big job but thankfully we had many sets of hands helping us, courtesy of our lovely family and friends! We couldn't have done it without you guys!

So now that we have the big moving day successfully behind us, we can start focusing on setting up the store and designing the displays (which just happens to be our favorite part!) This also means that we will be starting to plan our grand opening party and beginning the hunt for the perfect party dresses to wear to the opening! We did a little online browsing and here are a few gems that we found on Etsy that we would love to wear for the big day:

Shop here:

November 27, 2011

Vintage wrapping paper.

December is quickly upon us and that has got us thinking about Christmas and the presents that we need to start buying!  Yesterday Stef and I bought each other the most amazing presents at a flea market here in town. What better to wrap said presents than vintage wrapping paper? Here are some of our favorites that we stumbled across online!
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9

Also, on a totally unrelated side note, it's our big store move day, and we have an insane amount of stuff to move, so wish us luck!
xo Erin & Stef

November 25, 2011

A little shop sneak peek...

We are really excited to share a sneak peek of our new vintage store "Rhymes with Orange" with you guys! We've been super crazy busy especially this last week, painting, packing, and placing orders, but it's all super fun for us, so we're not complaining! It's really nice being able to organize and start fresh and we can't WAIT to share the end result with you guys! We're pretty confident you're gonna love it! Our last day at Vintage Glory will be this Saturday, and then we will close the doors for good and start moving into the new shop which is right across the street so it should be an easy move! Wish us luck!

Putting up our new sign in the window!

New bags, boxes & hangers!

Ripping piles of fabric.
Ripping, ripping, ripping.

 Almost done! Taking a little break to peak through!

 Time for a haircut!
We can't wait to show you the finished product!

Also, we started a Rhymes with Orange Facebook page! If you haven't done so already, be sure to "like" us for more info and shop updates!
(click the photo to go to our page!)

November 24, 2011

The Ingrid.

We were so thrilled to open our mailboxes and discover that our very talented friend, Rebecca of Manzanita, had sent us these darling little knit caps from her new Etsy shop! They are seriously the cutest accessories ever! We couldn't wait to wear them! This style is called the "Ingrid" and we think that it is the perfect addition to our fall wardrobes!

Take a peek at how we wear the "Ingrid"...
"The Ingrid" cap: c/o Manzanita, Coat: Anthropologie, Top: bought in Bangkok, Skirt: Forever 21,
Tights: Forever 21, Shoes: Urban Outfitters.

"The Ingrid" cap: c/o Manzanita, Dress and belt: vintage, Tights: Modcloth

Note: her shop is currently closed, but it should be back up soon, just in time for the holidays!

We want to say a big thank you to Manzanita for being so sweet and thinking of us!
You're the best, girl! xo

November 22, 2011


Erin and I have a super  busy week ahead of us full of running errands, finishing renovations and getting things ready for our new shop! Days are just flying by and it sort of feels like everyday we are working in fast forward! But no matter how busy we are, we always have time to take a second, pause, and enjoy our weekly color inspiration.

Happy Hues-day friends! These photos prove that a "gray day" doesn't necessarily have to be a bad thing...

There's nothing like a cozy pair of tights on crisp fall day.

 We love this cute idea for a handmade Christmas ornament!

Our lovely friend Mandy over at the blog Miss Indie just opened her own online shop and it's packed full of fun gems, such as this grey handmade beanie! Be sure to hop on over to Indie Darling and check it out!

Pretty amazing gray wingback chair.

Gray + Orange = a super cute peter pan collar!

Gray scallops. Need I say more?

I bet it would be really hard to get out of this cozy striped bed in the morning...

We love rotary phones... can you tell?


November 21, 2011

Meet Monica and Grace of EmenGee Designs!

EmenGee Designs is a duo of two friends named Monica and Grace who share a love for things handmade.  They met in high school and became fast friends.  Their lives took them in different directions after high school and they eventually lost touch.  While Monica was living in Boston she started her own Etsy shop and coincidentally Grace in Winnipeg started her own Etsy shop around the same time.  They reconnected through Etsy and decided to start a shop together as a way to keep in touch while living in different countries.  Now Monica has moved back to Winnipeg and the two continue to create with their brand EmenGee Designs.

Wanna shop? Take a peek at their cute Etsy store here!

Also, be sure to check out their blog & facebook page!

November 20, 2011

Vintage Christmas tree time!

We know it's still a little early for some, but both Stef and I set up our silver Christmas trees in our homes this last week! Here's a list of things needed to build the perfect vintage Christmas tree:
All you need now are the presents, and you're set!
Side note- Make sure you're smart if you have an aluminum tree and do NOT use strings of lights with it!

one, two, three, four, five (a, b,c,d) and six!

November 19, 2011

Part 2 of our lovely November sponsors!

Happy Saturday friends! Please take a moment and check out these lovely ladies' blogs & shops!
Hope you're all having a good weekend!



November 18, 2011

mitts mitts mitts...

Today feels like Winter here in Winnipeg, so we're gearing up for the (extreme) cold and browsing online for cute gloves and mittens! Here are some of our favorites:
These scalloped ones are crazy cute! I want them in every color!

We would own these if we lived in a city where we actually needed to take taxi's...

The embroidered detail is amazing on these, but I'd be scared to lose one because they're so pretty!