October 24, 2012

Get the Look: Mad Men Style.

Halloween is just around the corner which got us to thinking about cute costume ideas! In the past, we have always gone for something more on the "costume-y" side but this year we are thinking about dressing up more as characters instead. When we started brainstorming character ideas of course our minds instantly went to our favorite show: Mad Men. So we thought it would be fun to compile a list of costume essentials for the lady characters!

...And let's be honest here, who isn't looking for an excuse to Mad-Men-yourself?

To get Betty's look you will need:
a set of hot rollers, a vintage pearl necklace with a matching set of earrings, flared false eyelashes to create her signature doe-eyed look, a pretty sundress, and of course a glass of red wine in hand.

To get Joan's look you will need:

To get Trudy's look you will need:
a beautiful turquoise sundress, a sun hat with a matching hang bag, big sexy hair root volumizer, stila liquid eyeliner to create her signature cat eye look, and a set of pink manicured nails with a big (fake) diamond wedding ring sitting on your finger!

What about you, do you have any fun Halloween costume ideas up your sleeve?


  1. I wish I could be like Joan! I love her!

  2. love it! what a great idea and one that won't end up costing me any money! i'm not sure my hair will come out as fab as betty's, but i think my husband would make for great don draper! thanks!

  3. Especially the Trudy Campbell looks really great!

  4. Gorgeous!!!
    I love all the mad men style!!!

  5. I love this! Last year I went for Halloween as a Stanley Cooper Draper Pryce secretary! I dressed similar to these boards and I even made up business cards! Thanks for the link to Joan's necklace, I've always liked it!

  6. I love this! Wonderful job on picking out everything... Great post.

  7. So cute! I'm only giving out candy this year but I am still dressing up as little red ridding hood!


  8. This is wonderful! I love it.

    <3 Melissa

  9. i'm being a bouquet of flowers...and i'm sooo pumped. check out pictures on my blog after halloween!


  10. Love that you did Trudy! She is great.

  11. I wish I could Mad Men myself every day! I love all of these ideas, especially Joan's look.

  12. We're going as The Bishops from Moonrise for Halloween! :) I love your Mad Men ideas, though!


  13. Great idea! And your dress picks are spot on :)

  14. This is so cool :) I wish I could pull off these looks everyday…well if I am wishing for things, I guess I wish that we lived in a society wear dresses everyday was more widely popular :D