October 23, 2012

Orange vs. Turquoise

Who wins? We think it's a tie. 
It's no secret that we love orange and turquoise, especially when it comes to vintage housewares. Here are some of our favorite orange & turquoise things we've come across lately!
Orange: one, two, three, four
Turquoise: one, two, three, four


  1. Normally I would lean towards turquoise, but they're both just so great! I vote for a tie.

    <3 Melissa

  2. This color combination is amazing and makes me want to throw out my knick-knacks and start over!

  3. Turquoise! That turquoise colored phone is to die for. I would love that in the kitchen! So 1960s!

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    My vote is in for Turquoise!

  4. Beautiful but I will go for Turquoise!!!

  5. Looks really good1 I don't know which one I like better..

  6. of course its a tie! opposites on the color wheel (and you know what else!) attract
    thank you for noticing my orange optic glasses! juxtaposed my good friend Linnea's turquoise beauties.
    cookie aka Barbara