October 11, 2012

Lady Longbodies.

One of the things we love about the new kiddos section is that we get to help promote my talented sister, Megan and her handmade creations! We are now selling her handmade dolls in our kiddos section and will be selling them online in November-just in time for Christmas! She hand-stuffs every limb, dresses them up and even give each doll a name, sewed onto a tiny tag on the leg! Kids love the limb-y creations and they are even machine washable! Keep your eyes peeled for more information about the upcoming online shop, and until then, you can check them out here or come and see them for yourselves in our store Rhymes With Orange!
Megan told me that if I were a dress, this would be it! I love it!

Not only does she create amazing dolls, Megan also screen prints onesies for tots size 0-3 months all the way up to 2T! Here are some of the ones available in the shop. Not to fret, these too will be available in our upcoming online store for custom order in November! You pick the size and the print, and voila!
We love the captain with the cat in his beard!

And this incredible group of sassy swimmers!

We hope you like them! 
Have a happy day!


  1. Love the longbodies! I'll need one for every tot on my Christmas list!

  2. Holy crap! I want every one of those Lady Longbodies and I don't even have kids! ADORABLE. Those little onesies are darling too! :) You're blog has been giving me baby fever like crazy lately. I don't think my fiance appreciates it much... haha!

  3. these are so cool girls! what a great addition to the shop! def want to pick up something for my baby nephew :)


  4. Those are totally cute!


  5. These are great and it's so nice you'll be able to promote together :)

  6. holy guacamole, that girl's got moves. shivahs down my spine.