October 10, 2012

What We Wore: To Our Party!

This past weekend we had a launch party for our new kids section at our shop! The whole day was a whirlwind of adding finishing touches to the store, power cleaning, and trying to get the food (and ourselves!) ready for the party. Miracuously amidst the chaos we actually managed to snap a few outfit photos! Yay! So here is a peek at what we wore to our launch party on Saturday night:

Erin's outfit details:
1950's polka dot dress :: from Etsy shop Gilded Glamour Vintage
Brown tights :: Modcloth
Brown shoes :: Urban Outfitters (from many years ago)

Stef's outfit details:
1960's floral blouse :: from our shop Rhymes With Orange
Navy jumper :: Forever 21
White tights :: American Apparel
Black mary janes :: Urban Outfitters
If you live in the area and have small kiddos in your life you should definitely come down to the shop and take a peek at all of our cute teeny tiny vintage outfits! We are open from 11-6pm Monday - Saturday.


  1. Congrats on your new children's section! Expanding a business in any way, must be exciting!

    - tianna :)

  2. So adorable! Love the neck bows!
    Congrats on the growing business. :)

  3. you both look great!!!! I love these photos!! :D

  4. you two are so pretty, congrats on your new children's section :)

  5. You too are adorable, you both look fantastic. Congratulations on your growing business too, you must be so proud! xo

  6. CONGRATS! I totally love your dress Stef!

    Maria xx

  7. Much luck with the new shop section! You both look great!