October 13, 2012

Things we love: Travel edition.

Here are six reasons why we love traveling oh-so very much:
1. Trying out new food and eating at cute cafes.

2. Purchasing pretty new additions for our closets.

3. Getting a chance to catch up on all of the books we've been meaning to read.

4. Drinking fresh fruit cocktails like this yummy looking strawberry mojito.

5. Exploring new cities and enjoying different climates. Seeing as though we live in Winnipeg, we especially love tropical places with plenty of palm trees along the horizon.

6. And finally packing up all of our new treats into cute suitcases and heading home to enjoy them!

What about you, what is your favorite part about traveling?
XO, Stef & Erin


  1. I've not travelled in ages, having 2 dogs has made going anywhere so much more difficult, but I'm definitely planning on getting away to somewhere warm as soon as I can afford it. I think my favourite thing about travelling is seeing a completely different culture and finding out about their history. My favourite trips in the last couple of years have been Rome (which was fantastic) and Romania (which was just so different to my normal life) xo

  2. My favorite is the food + cafes as well! I find that restaurants can tell a lot about a city and it's culture. I love to get a sense of that aspect of a city's personality.

  3. i love the feeling of being "in the moment" when travelling!


  4. Love these photos and everything in them!

  5. This list is perfect I totally agree, we are of to Thailand in 3 weeks so this has got me even more excited.

    Zoe x

  6. Yes the dresses are adorable! The things I love about traveling consist of meeting new people from different cultures, opening up my mind, trying out new foods and bringing home exotic recipes, and expanding my perspectives on life each time I get home from traveling!

    Cathy Trails

  7. It's definitely all about the food for me!

    Maria xx

  8. yeah! photography is the first reason why i love to traveling. and i also love to shopping some interesting things, have fun, trying some foods and meeting new people. it was really awesome!♥