November 9, 2012

Cute & pretty things.

Here are a handful of lovely things for your Friday viewing pleasure:
Pretty much the dreamiest kitchen shelves.

Orla Kiely, you've done it again! 

Now that the temperature is dropping, all we want to do is bake bake bake and this chocolate nutella sea salt fudge recipe is at the top of our lists! Mmm... yum!

We think these prints are TOO cute!

Such adorable shoes! We'll take one of each please?

The prettiest ponytail.

Also, our blog post about Eames toys was featured over on the Eames Designs website along with a little bio about us! Such an honor! You can take a peek at it here.

Hope you all have a lovely weekend! We are supposed to get a huge dump of snow here in Winnipeg tomorrow! Eep! Looks like it's time to get our scarves and mittens out...


  1. That first picture is just perfection. I cannot wait to have my own kitchen.

    <3 Melissa

  2. Such cute things. Love those shoes and prints!

  3. I love your blog it's so pretty! Can I ask what you did to get all the bits down the left side linked up? I'm trying to do that by the moment and I'm struggling! Thanks for the post!

  4. Love your shop and started visiting your blog too! Thanks for sharing - I SO want to make that Nutella fudge!!!!! :)

  5. Where do you find these things?! Haha. So pretty!

  6. Great finds! Absolutely love the nutella baked goodies!

  7. The ponytail is so effortlessly beautiful! And those kitchen shelves aren't far off mine ;)

  8. anything chocolate and sea salt is amazing.


  9. Those are such cute prints! Love that ponytail too! Think I'm going to copy that look right this minute. :)

  10. Orla Kiely is my one of my favorites.

    Her and Charlotte Taylor can do no wrong in my book.

    <3 Nicole