November 8, 2012

Our trip to Bangkok & Koh Chang

It's time for another bunch of trip photos! We spent the majority of our time in Bangkok, but we find that because it's so hot and we're so crazy busy while we are there, we never really take a lot of photos, but we did manage to snap a few while out and about! We also spent a few days on a beautiful island called Koh Chang which was so incredible!
Beautiful flowers at the weekend market.

As most of you know, the main purpose for our trips to Thailand are for business-they have incredible vintage clothing out there and we go a few times a year to buy stuff for our shops! This is a photo of a typical mall in Bangkok-so many levels and so many shops! We had never been to Union Mall before, but we will definitely go back the next time we're in Bangkok!

Watermelon shakes-another Thailand must!

In between the many hours spent shopping, we would sit by the pool on our hotel's rooftop, soaking up the 45 degree heat!

After many days full of shopping we decided to hop on a bus and then a quick ferry to an island called Koh Chang which is only a few hours from Bangkok! 

Did we mention that beer tastes best on a boat?

We totally lucked out with the resort that we booked! Neither of us had been to Koh Chang before, but this is what $50 a night can get you! We stayed at Furama Xclusive Resort & Spa for three nights to recharge before heading back to Bangkok for more shopping. We lounged by the pool at any chance we got!

Doing what we do best...lounging around, drink in hand!

White Sand Beach was lovely to walk can't tell, but it was crazy hot out.

After we got our fill by the beach (not possible) we would head back to our beautiful resort to shower and get ready for dinner.

In the evenings we would head to White Sand Beach for dinner and drinks! It was slow season while we were there, so it felt like we had the place to ourselves!

Watching the sunset is always a highlight for us, and doing it from a swing? Even better!

Time for a drink!

One of the only photos we have together!

That's all for now! Check back for more trip photos to come!

xo, Erin & Stef


  1. looks like a fantastic trip! i really enjoyed bangkok when i was there... such nommy food!

  2. ahhhhh....Thailand - just as I remember it! ;) Be safe and hold hands! (thats what my mom tells me everytime I go away - even when I go alone - who am I gonna hold hands with??? Myself??)

  3. Fantastic photos, looks like a fun trip!

  4. Great photos! Make me want to go there!

  5. I'm going to Thailand in December for my honeymoon (woot!) and we're staying at Seaflower in Ko Samui based on your GREAT reviews! I love vintage shopping myself, and would LOVE to know your vintage shopping picks for Bangkok. Is it possible for you gals to do a post dedicated to the subject. Before December 15?! Thanks!

  6. Oh, you're Canadian! I was so confused when I saw 45 degree heat, that sounds freezing to me! ;) looks like such am awesome trip though!!!

  7. looks fantastic and so beautiful! congratulation :D

  8. It looks like you had an incredible time. The watermelon shake looks immense! *runs to source recipe* S.x x

  9. Looks like a great time!
    p.s. Where did you get those tan shorts??? I love them!

  10. Um, do you need another employee? Because that looks like the best damn business trip ever :)
    Excited to see all of your shopping treasures!

  11. That watermelon shake sounds amazing! Looks like you had an amazing trip.

    <3 Melissa

  12. Do you have any tips on traveling to Thailand? from your past post and photos it seems to be an enjoyable place to go, but I always hear from friends to be very careful there.

    Other than knowing a bit of the culture and perhaps the language what other tips would you recommend?


  13. Amazing photos. I would love to visit Thailand, one question if able to answer (I'm absolutely terrified of needles) is it absolutely necessary to get needles before you travel to Asia? My boyfriend took needles before moving to Phuket, and he still ended up with malaria. Just wondering what you lovely ladies did for that.

    1. Hi there! Good question-we got our twinrix shots which are two shots and then one booster shot. I also recommend getting typhoid pills which upset your stomach, but you will be good for 7 years. You can get a typhoid shot instead, but it is only good for 2 years. I have taken malaria pills on past trips to Asia, but they made me feel insane so I stopped taking them. So twinrix & typhoid are what I suggest! Hope it helps! xo Erin

  14. Gosh, you guys sound like my sister and I... shopping for vintage, drinking and lounging. Three of our favorite things to do too. Sounds like you guys had an amazing trip. :)))) xo Vanessa

  15. I love Thailand and Bangkok so much! Been there 4 times and can't get enough. Haven't been as lucky finding great vintage clothing, but wholesale sunglasses and the most amazing street food are more my kind of finds :)

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