April 5, 2013

Things we love: Traveling.

Here are six reasons why we love getting out of town:

Let's face it, pretty much every place is warmer than Winnipeg, so when we go on holidays we can pretty much be guaranteed to experience warmer temps. Have we mentioned how much we both love the heat?

Don't get us wrong, we love our job, but sometimes it's nice to get away from it all and take a break and just relax. No computers, no email, just R&R time.

We always have so many books on our "must-read" lists but unfortunately rarely get around to them at home. However, when we are in holiday mode we can hardly keep our hands off our books! (That is something we wish to change though, we both want to make more time for reading at home.)

This is definitely one of our favorite parts about traveling; all of the different shops! When we are in Thailand we literally shop 'til we drop.

We absolutely love trying new and different things so eating may be one of our favorite things to do while traveling. (We also really enjoy sampling the local wine and beer, haha.)

Seeing as how we live in the prairies, we don't get to see the ocean very often, but when we do it is a real treat! We soak up every second of it's calming beauty.

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  1. All fantastic reasons why I need a vacation!!! =)

    I hope you ladies got there okay! =)

    Ergo - Blog

  2. great post :) This really makes me want to go on holiday now.

    Charlotte x

  3. Salut mes belles! Hope the sun is hotter than Hades! While I am envious of your tropical locale, it is Friday in Winnipeg and that is good enough for me! Just wanted to write a note of well wishing: wind in your sails! Frin, keep those eyes peeled for YSL. You know the drill. Also, I took your sound sisterly advice and chopped my hair. A wise woman named JJ Hince once said: change your hair change your life. Ha! From Monk mop to witchy bob, my attitude has improved! Miss you sug. Have a ball as ma kettle says! Love SMFrances xo

  4. Yes, traveling is wonderful. Though I have to admit I never get a lot of reading done, nor do I seek out the sun. I'm with you on all others though<3


  5. Amazing post! I can't wait until I can afford to travel more often.

    <3 Melissa

  6. This makes me so excited for my trip in summer! Have a fantastic holiday!

  7. You are so right!!! Had to spot some of your inspirations in my Social Bliss collections.

    Spot on! Ciao! xoxo

  8. Aww! I'm so jealous of you girls! Here in Seattle is is the rainy season (when isn't it, right?) have so much fun and please bring back tons of goodies for the online shop and the blog for us to feast on! Cheers!

  9. love that clock in the second picture!
    yes, it's definitely good to get away, even if it's not that far it's nice to get away from 'life' sometimes, for sure.

  10. I want to pack my bags and go on holidays right this minute :)

  11. Love your blog: I'll definitely follow you :) and I must definitely recommend Croatia for your next trevel destination! :)

    Gretting, Ema :)

  12. I love to get away too, most of my getting away means sitting in a field reading and sipping gin and tonic :)