June 10, 2013

Getting settled.

Well, we have officially moved! This past week has been a blur of cleaning, unpacking cardboard boxes and trying to find the best new "home" for things. I am a very neat person, so I have been doing my best to unpack as much as possible because living in a state of constant chaos is not exactly my ideal environment. That being said, our new house is really starting to look and feel like a home! I am so excited to be feeling settled and am having a lot of fun decorating, making new displays, and hanging photos (aka my favorite part of this whole process!) I will definitely be sharing more house photos once everything is fully unpacked but for now here is a little peek from last weekend during our big move:

Even though we only moved about 3 minutes away from our old place, the decision to rent a Uhaul truck was a no-brainer after seeing how much stuff we actually had coming with us...

This is what our dining room looked like during the last few days before the move... Eep! Anxiety overload!! And this was the "streamlined" version beccause I had already donated many things! How in the world did we manage to accumulate soo much stuff?! Gahhh!

So we decided that this is not a job we could tackle alone so we called in the troops to help! THANK GOODNESS I have the best friends/family! Because of them we got the job done in an impressively short amount of time and had a surprisingly good time doing it! I'm also super thankful to have a friend like Erin because during those times when I was feeling particularly burnt out and barely able to form a straight thought, she would come over and bring me dinner and help me get focused and organized. She really is the organizing master and the reason Emery and I stayed fed all week long, haha! I can't thank ya enough girl! ;)

This is a rare sight: my little brother transferring piles of my dresses from his car to my new closet. Aww what a champ! The promise of free beer may have been the prime motivator but whatever works. Haha!

Whew! Slowly but surely it is all coming together! Time for a nap.

XO, Stef


  1. Cutest house ever! looks like you have a lot of help! Good luck!

  2. Looks like a fun moving party! I can't wait to see how cute your new place looks! :)

    <3 Kelsey
    Be Like The Fox

  3. Moving house is always such a dragggg. Looks like you have some lovely bits, look forwards to seeing pics of it all done! x

  4. Oh moving...I've done way too much of it in the past few years. And I've got to do it all again in September...and then probably again after about six months...ugh.

    feathers and ash

  5. YAAAY!!! Congratulations!!! Also, you have the best style in the universe. Please trade me closets. <3

  6. moving is the worst. But take your time. It doesn't all have to be perfect yet.

    P.s I love your Chang beer tank! "Chan rak beer Chang!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"


  7. Congratulations! patience is a virtue! I love the front design of your house looks simple and peaceful. I can picture it without the truck.


    Jill xox

  8. Congrats Steph! Your house looks adorable, and now you can have the pleasure of personalising it :)

  9. congratulations!
    good luck with settling in properly :D xx

  10. How fun! Moving can be so hectic, and I agree that even if you aren't moving far renting a uhaul is such a lifesaver!

  11. Moving is no fun, but the new place is super cute already! Good luck with the unpacking!

    Ladyface Blog

  12. The house looks so lovely from the outside! Can't wait to see more pics once you're settled in!

  13. Looks like the new place is coming along quite nicely!! I feel the same way whenever I move, haha. Where does all the STUFF come from?!? U-Haul's are just so necessary. Yay for family + friends giving you a hand - that's the best :)

    Congrats on your new home + good luck with the unpacking!

    Alex from www.polkadottedpixels.com

  14. I LOVE moving! (strange to say that!) It clears out the head and gets me all creative in my new space!
    Latest outfit post: BLUE DAY

  15. Congratulations! moving it´s a hard work!!


  16. Moving is the worst! But the BEST once you're finally all settled! Glad to see you've got some help!

  17. Can't wait to see the new place! I'm sure it's lovely from the inside. My boyfriend and I just moved apartments and though it's super exciting, it's quite a lot of work.