July 14, 2013


Earlier this week Erin shared a little peek of what she had been up to lately so I figured it was only fitting if I did the same! So here is a little peek at what my summer has been looking like via my Instagram:

The main thing I have been up to is spending as much time outdoors as possible! Winnipeg summers are way too short so I always try to spend the majority of my free time outside. Emery and I went for a fantastic patio brunch with our new neighbours which also happen to also be our very close friends (Yay!) We are really really enjoying our new neighbourhood! We have been also making it a habit to go for an evening walk every night which I have really been enjoying.

I have also been breaking in my new kitchen by doing quite a bit of cooking and trying out new recipes like this delicious rosemary and dark chocolate cake. (A big thanks to Miss James for sharing the recipe over at the Bleubird blog)

We have also been doing a bit of damage control on our new yard; it is definitely a work in progress, but it is  slowly coming along! I only wish that I could say that these adorable daisies were mine...*sigh*

The last few months have been pretty chaotic, so I have also been making it a priotiety to take some much needed time to just relax. No projects, no deadlines, just spending a day unwinding and de-stressing in our new home.

I'm also happy to say that we finally made it to the beach this summer! In the past we have always had so many prior commitments that it was difficult for Emery and I to co-ordinate our schedules to get to the beach together, but this year we made it happen! Woo! Also, is anyone else reading this book? What are your thoughts? So far I have really been enjoying it, and curious to see how everything will unfold.

The perfect summer ride and nope, this doesn't belong to me. Haha! A girl can dream though, right? This is another reason why I love summer so much: it is also classic car season. 

Hope you all are enjoying those gorgeous summer days! Ta-ta for now!

XO, Stef


  1. Wonderful photos my dear! Our summers here in the uk are always really short too! Long walks with my husband are the best on a summers eve :)

    Lulu xx


  2. Great shots! I love your shoes in that one pic!

  3. Canadian summers are way too short (it's not fair! it will be snowing again before we know it), so I've been doing my best to spend as much time outside as possible as well!!

    Lovely photos, looks like you're having a lovely summer :)

    Alex from www.polkadottedpixels.com

  4. that table spread of cheese, frutis and yummy cocktails looks amazing! also, can i have that care please!?!?!?

  5. I have read the book (the author's Dutch and so am I. The book was in our Dutch top 10 list of best books for a long time - but it's been published a while ago, something like 2 years ago, maybe more? I don't know) I thought it was really good. It's a pageturner, especially in the end. I hope you enjoy it :) I love your bathroom by the way and you are right to take some time to unwind. Very very important!


    1. I agree with ya! I read a good chunk yesterday and it is getting soo good! :)

  6. Lovely summer pictures ! xx

  7. Winniepeg looks like a beautiful place. In Seattle, we are the same - MUST GO OUTSIDE WHEN IT'S STILL NICE. When rain comes, it doesn't stop.
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  8. Such pretty photos! I love your white+brown shoes! Have a great summer! :)

    x, Tagg

  9. Very lovely snapshots I already seen most of them on Instagram but the photos are always more beautiful in full size! ;-)
    Have a nice week girl!

  10. Just love your style! Hope you're enjoying your summer months :)

  11. Great pictures! x


  12. love summer!!!


  13. Amazing pics - I love the outfits! :)

  14. Pretty, pretty!


  15. I try to take at least one day a week to unplug and relax. It makes such a difference in my productivity levels. Good for you for taking the time for yourself!

  16. Wonderful pictures! Makes me long for my summer holiday - only 2 weeks to go :-)

  17. I love all of the photos you used! Oddly enough the photo of your bed and the bathtub are my favorite!! Looks like a fun summer :)


  18. I do love Summer days, these photos are all so wonderful. That car is incredible!