July 31, 2013

Travel bug.

Photo found here, we added the text.

We know it's Summer and the last thing that we should be thinking about is getting away to a warmer destination, but once you've travelled, it's hard not to think about it all of the time. Lucky for us we just booked another trip back to Asia for October! I know some of you will be rolling your eyes at the fact that we're going back...again. We do realize how incredibly lucky we are to get to go somewhere as incredible as Thailand twice a year for work (and a bit of a holiday) but as fun as those trips are, they are still extremely hard work, and we do make a few sacrifices, mostly financially in order to be able to go. We just figure that now is the time to do this, we are still young, we are married so sometimes our husbands can come along for the ride, and most importantly we don't have any kids yet. We know that things will change in the next few years, so for now we are not feeling guilty one bit! We work our butts off year round in order to be able to go, so we're going to enjoy every. possible. second.
Since being out of high school, travel has always been one of our very top priorities - to get out there and see the world and meet new people and experience new things. There is nothing quite like sticking your toes in the ocean for the first time, or whizzing past an old village on the back of a motorbike and smelling the hot chillies in the air; or eating a bowl of something spicy and mysterious while sitting on a tiny red plastic chair made for a child. We leave in just over 10 weeks and we can hardly wait!
Have you guys been anywhere amazing lately? We would love to hear about your favorite place you've been!
One of my favorite things about getting away is to find the nearest hammock and a good book, and swing the day away. This photo looks pretty ideal! Original source - Style Files.

I have wanted to go to Italy since I was in high school and one of these years I'm going to make it there!
Until then, I'll just drool over beautiful photos like this one. Original source here.

How pretty are the buildings in Greece?

A swing over the ocean? Yes please! (original source unknown)

Bondi Beach! (I've actually been here and it's as incredible as it looks in the photo!)
Photo via Style Me Pretty. Photo by The Loved Ones


  1. Wow! Gorgeous photos, making me wish I was on holiday now. That swing over the ocean looks perfect! :) x


  2. It is amazing you guys get to travel to such a beautiful place, and you're right to take full advantage of it! You're doing what you love and making a business out of it, which I think is so inspiring. I always love seeing your pictures from your travels, so be sure to share when you go--especially that place called "Heaven Bar". I think that was the name. Also, I need to find where that place is with the swings over the water. That looks like the perfect place to unwind:) Have a great day!

  3. Really love the swing over the ocean one, it looks so nice and relaxing (:

    Gen | raspberry-notes.blogspot.com

  4. The photo of Italy you shared looks like it was in the Cinque Terre. One of my favourite places to visit. Tyler and I spent a week there and loved everything about hiking through the five hill villages. Definitely go there someday if you can! The Greek islands are pretty incredible too.

  5. Would love to see a Day-in-the-life-of post from your travels. AKA what you have to do to find pieces for your shops there!

  6. Such pretty photos, very inspiring and relaxing in a way...I wish i could be in such a place at least for a few days! Thanks for the little treat, i'll have great dreams of holidays!

  7. wooow great!



  8. I love to travel, and have been really lucky to be able to do so. I love my job (and being my own boss), because I have the flexibility to travel, and am not limited to the "two weeks of vacation" that most young people in the work place are given.

    My favourite destinations so far have been Japan and Brazil. My boyfriend is Brazilian, so we have another trip planned this December to visit his family + attend his cousin's wedding. I am SUPER excited :D

    You can read about my trip to Brazil on my blog if you like: http://polkadottedpixels.com/?category=WANDERLUST

    Alex from www.polkadottedpixels.com

  9. That's wonderful!! I'm sure it will be an amazing time. I'm planning to do Cambodia/Thailand/Vietnam for a few weeks next year for my honeymoon, and I couldn't be more excited. In April I was just in Ireland for two weeks (it's where I got engaged!) and it was probably one of the loveliest places I've ever seen.
    I can't wait to go on more adventures soon :)

    <3 dani

  10. There's only one thing I regret about having kids young and that's being able to travel. It's not a huge regret because I know one day I will get to travel, it's just hard when they are little. Plus traveling young I feel is different then traveling while old. I think I would be willing to put up with more when I was younger. Point being, enjoy it and don't let anyone make you feel bad. You've got plenty of time to sit at home on the couch!

  11. Lovely pics and holiday ideas! The first pic is my fav!

    I have actually just decided to include a 'Travel Diary' section on my blog, sharing random pics and stories from my travels and my first post is in Paris! <3

    Rowdy Fairy

  12. Oh my goodness! I have always wanted to go to Greece, it just looks absolutely beautiful! My parents and I are talking about a family vacation and we are looking into go to Boston, MA. We all wanted to go somewhere that we haven't been before.

  13. i'm off to california in 7 weeks to meet up with a best friend who lives on a different continent, and i CAN'T FREAKING WAIT!

    that said, to answer your question, i have many favourite places, but i think that new zealand wins first place. especially standing atop the port hills in christchurch, on the south island. it is where my heart is most alive.

  14. Such awesome pics! Love greece, & u're right to enjoy your life as you want! it's a luck and u seem to deserve it :)M-C

  15. Does anyone know where the pix of the swings over the ocean is at?? Plz let me knw Jaguarmom19@gmail.com

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