January 20, 2014

Natural wood in the kitchen.

Happy Monday you guys! We hope you had a wonderful weekend.
Everything about this kitchen is exactly what I hope to have someday. From the built in cabinets, to the plywood counter tops and all of the white everything else, it's just perfect.

Love the handles on these cabinets. 
(original photo source unknown, sorry)

I absolutely love the look of these raw wood cabinets! So simple and so perfect.

Love how clean these white cabinets look, especially with the built in on top. How perfect are the drawers, wine holder and cookbook space?

This kitchen is small, but I love the open shelves and old cabinets.


  1. I love this look!
    I'd love to have a white home, but knowing me keeping it clean would be a horrid nightmare hehe.


  2. Oh! So pretty! Love the combination of wood and white. So fresh!

  3. I have raw wood cabinets in my rental apartment and although the look of them is lovely, they stain like crazy :( The cabinet under the sink gets the worst water stains. If you ever try them, make sure you seal them some how.