January 21, 2014

Party planning!

Bored of doing the same ol' thing for dinner parties? Well here are some fun unique meal ideas that you should try instead!

Make a giant cheese board and pair each piece of cheese with a complimentary fruit, veggie, or chutney. Try aged gouda and cucumber or goat cheese and cantaloupe.
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Make breakfast for dinner! This recipe for apple and greek yogurt pancakes looks pretty delicious.

 Instead of having a formal dinner around your dining room table, just plan an evening of heavy appetizers. Try this recipe for kale & white bean crostini.

Set up a sandwich bar with fancy toppings like this incredible looking croissant with figs, proscuitto and arugula.

Ever tried raclette? Because if you haven't then you definitely should! If you like eating lots of melted gooey cheese then this is for sure up your alley.
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  1. I've never tried raclette but I definitely want to try everything on that table! Especially the cheese!

    Looks delicious

    Caroline x
    Cocktails and Caroline

  2. Yum that looks delicious! I am having a dinner party on Friday and may have to try some of these out! Thanks for sharing.

  3. The link of kale & white bean crostini isn't working! :(

  4. Wow! This all looks so incredibly delicious, apple & greek yoghurt pancakes sounds amazing. x

  5. Raclette is so good! I haven't had it for a while, going to have to find some!