August 1, 2014

Happy long weekend!

Well friends, it's Friday and it's a long weekend, so obviously we should be in good moods! Both Stef and I are feeling a little stressed out about a lot of things that need to be done and decisions that need to be made regarding our plans for the Winter and whatnot. Also, the wedding is only two days away and there's still lots to be done! It will all get done though, it always does! Here are a few photos that we stumbled across to distract ourselves by all of the craziness going on.
I recently started following @sugarandcloth on Instagram and I absolutely love this photo that was posted!

Carpe donut! This makes me miss our trailer, which we haven't brought out once this Summer!

This toucan lamp has already sold (no surprise there!) but it was too cute not to share with you guys!

This amazing necklace however, has not sold out! I kind of want to buy it, but I really shouldn't spend any more money!

XO, Erin


  1. You have such a beautiful blog! Keep up the great work!

  2. Love all of these pictures. That sorbet looks so good in this heat and I also love that photo. I'm trying my best not to get too stressed about certain things atm so I love little things like this to pick me up! Also, that necklace is SO cute.

    Haaappy Summer!
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  3. Love the photographs, you always pick out such lovely and quirky pictures :D always inspiring :)

  4. You're still blogging with only two days until the wedding?? Impressive. I LOVE that toucan lamp. I've been looking for a desk lamp, but I want something with personality instead of whatever I can find at Ikea. That would have been perfect!

    Enjoy your weekend!
    Love, Gigi
    Dolce and Gabriella