August 22, 2014

Happy weekend!

 Woop! It's Friday again! This week went by super crazy fast and we are looking forward to the weekend. Oh, we also updated our Instagram shop again today, so check it out!
Amen to that!

We are huge fans of Paper & Stitch, and this s'more ice cream sandwich makes us love her work more!

Such a beautiful restaurant exterior in Tribeca!

I like this saying. A lot.

How amazing is this Crosley turntable!? 


  1. Happy weekend to you as well. I love the idea of s'mores ice cream sandwiches. I bet the marshmallow tastes delightful. :] // ☼

  2. LOVE that turntable! Happy weekend to you guys too :).


  3. How did everything in this post work out so colorfully amazing?

    And yummy looking.
    I love colors.

    That record player takes the cake though.