March 31, 2015

Information overload.

Well pals, A LOT has happened this week. We have been keeping a secret for the past two or three months and were going to announce it this week, but we kind of got the rug pulled out from underneath on that one. What we were going to tell you was that we were going to re-open our shop Rhymes With Orange, at the same address but using only half of the space starting mid-April. We were going to sign the lease this last week for a year, but that has fallen through. So, new our blog, build a new huge online shop, and continue to do pop up shops once a month at various locations! Still very exciting, and we are ready for a change, we're just still wrapping our heads around the idea that shop will be closed forever...

Speaking of the shop, we are having a pop up shop in just over two weeks for the last time at our old store.
April 17 & 18 from 11 am until 6 pm 
at Rhymes With Orange, 223 McDermot Ave in Winnipeg.

We have started selling off furniture and fixtures on kijiji, but whatever we haven't sold by then will be available for purchase on the 17th and 18th. All of those lamps and radios and tables that you guys tried to buy over the past few years but we weren't selling at the time? Well it's your lucky day!
You can go to our Facebook page for photos of what is all available on Kijiji right now. The links with prices and measurements will be underneath the photos. We will continually add more the the list, so keep checking back! If it doesn't say sold underneath, it's still available!
We're so sad to part with these beauties :(

In other exciting news, we will be getting rid of our studio as of June 1, and I (Erin) will be moving into a 2 bedroom that we will also be running our business out of! I am trying to get rid of at least 1/3 of my stuff before June 1, so today I added a bunch of really great stuff to Thought Shapes under the housewares and vintage clothing sections, so go and check it out!

I will also be having a garage sale at the studio on Saturday, May 16th from 10 am until 5 pm. You can go here for more info. Mark it on your calendars! It will be the last time we have an event at the studio, and it's going to be a good one!

One more thing: have you guys heard of/tried the wonderful app called "Whurl" yet? Insert obvious pun to go and give it a whirl if you haven't yet! I posted a bunch of other stuff that I am selling over there and you can follow me, just search "ohsolovelyerin". The idea of the app is genius and quite simple- for all of you vintage lovers out there on the hunt for that perfect vintage piece but you haven't had any luck finding it, you just post a picture of what you are looking for and let the whirl community do the rest! Did you see something in a blog post or on a tv show and just have to get your hands on it? Or if you're anything like me and have ever broken one of your favourite mugs/bowls/etc and need a replacement, then you really need to check this out!
I have already had a bunch of sales because I had exactly what certain people are looking for! I'm going to be using it a lot, and I encourage you guys to try it out!

Ok, that's all for now. It's a lot. We know.
Thanks for checking in. We'll be back more frequently starting really soon.


  1. I need all these flower pins! Where are they for sale at? If it's on whurl, I can't access it because I don't have an iphone...

  2. Aww good luck with all your new ventures in the future, you always have great pieces and your positive energy is infectious! Love reading your blog x

  3. I looked all over the city for those glassbake mugs about a year ago! Always hoping they would pop up in your store. Will definitely be looking forward to our online shop and will also be downloading the whurl app stat:)

  4. Me encanta!! Que pases un buen día guapísima! :)

    Lee mi último post AQUÍ!

    Algo pasa con Mary | Apúntate a mi sorteo internacional de un vestido

  5. It sounds like you'll be very busy! Good luck with everything! (Rob)