March 19, 2015

What Erin's been up to.

Well well well, it's been quite some time again. We're sorry for our absence, but there's been a lot of background stuff going on that we have been dealing with in the past few months, and blogging just did not seem like a priority. That's not to say that we haven't missed it and you guys, but to be honest, the break from it has been really enjoyable. That all said, we do have a few really exciting things to share with you guys in the next two weeks. Like, reeeeeally exciting...

We will slowly be easing our way back into the blog world, and we'll start with a little update about what Erin's been up to these days.
To be honest, life is feeling pretty darn good these days. I haven't been working much, so i've had a lot of time to deal with all of the changes in the past year, as well as everything exciting that's in store for the next year!
Boozy slushy drinks on a day off, because...well, why not?

I made a bunch of new sweatshirts over at Thought Shapes or you can make your own saying! I'm offering $10 off all orders again for the next two days with the code "TSHAPESLOVE" 

Inspired by my sister, Meg. You can follow Thought Shapes on Instagram here.

I've been cooking and baking a lot lately, just trying to get through the last of Winter. My favourite place to go for meat is Ellice Meats. Their bacon is completely out of this world!!

My Mennonite roots were shining through last week when I made farmer sausage rolls. 

Shopping necessities - a giant lamb named Lamb-y.

Cleaning necessities - Ella & Amy & Passion Pop of course! (Also how I spent my Valentine's Day.)

This was taken a few weeks back, in the back alley of Market Burger where I work last year, and starting this weekend will be back for a couple of months!

I didn't buy this perfect striped Spring jacket at the Bay, and I'm still kicking myself.

Two days ago it was my partner in crime - Miss Stefanie's birthday! Our dear friend Zoe and I put together a charcuterie board as well as lots of cheese and other snacks for the occasion and we had a relaxing evening in! We did go out for a really lovely dinner, and of course drank lots of wine. 

My ladies primping. Love these two to the moon and back.

XO, Erin


  1. I can completely sympathize with taking time off from blogging and feeling like it wasn't a priority- I went through about a 3-month period where I simply couldn't care less about the blog, sadly enough. But when life is busy, or overwhelming, or maybe you just want to enjoy something without worrying about documenting it- it can be refreshing. Like going camping in the woods and not having a cell phone signal.

    Looking forward to what's to come!

    dani @

  2. Love those sweatshirts, especially the one that says "most days i wish i was a cat". So true, especially during exams :)

  3. Glad to hear that things are going well! Can't wait to hear more about you ladies

    Through the Alley

  4. I loved this little peak into your happenings. Thanks for sharing... and I love the lamb purchase.