July 15, 2015

Pop-Up Shop 2.0!

A couple of weeks ago we had our first outdoor pop-up event of the summer! It was hosted by Wildwoodrose Vintage Market downtown in our old stomping grounds, the Exchange District, and we had a blast! It felt so good to be back in that area of town and that we got to see all of our old friends and some familiar faces again. 

Didn't make it out to our last event? Well, not to worry because Wildwoodrose is hosting another vintage market this Saturday, July 18th from 10am-4pm in West Broadway on 167 Sherbrook Street in Winnipeg. Spending the afternoon rummaging through vintage gems outside on a beautiful day sounds like a pretty great way to spend a Saturday to me!

Here is a little peek at what you can expect from this next pop-up event as well as a look at some of our behind the scenes prep:

I feel that it goes without saying that anytime we have some sort of event there will be coral and/or mint colored paint involved somewhere, and this event was no exception! We decided that we wanted a bit of a new look so we designed and built a new backdrop display for our booth and I must say, it turned out pretty darn cute!

Making new sandwich signs was also a must! This is also a sneak peek at our new logo which will be coming soon when we launch our blog makeover in the upcoming weeks! (as well as our new online shop! So stay tuned friends... there are plenty of exciting new things on the horizon!)

Voila! The final product turned out better than we even imagined! We really wanted to make our signage and display bright and eye-catching so that we would stand-out as much as possible and I think that we accomplished that mission fairly well!

Our backdrop is actually a giant pegboard that we constructed out of pieces of plywood and a giant drill bit. We cut down wooden dowels to make oversized pegs to hang shirts from as well as little white handmade shelves. It held up great all night and wasn't even phased by a little bit of a breeze. Not to mention we had so much fun setting up because we basically had the chance to start with a blank canvas and create whatever we wanted! (aka our favorite part.)

We planted a bunch of cute flowers and plants in vintage pots and planters that are also up for grabs!

Well friends, that gives you a bit of an idea of what to expect on Saturday! If you are in the area we would love for you to stop by between 10am-4pm and come say hello! 

XO, Stef


  1. Wish I lived in the area. Love your new vibrant logo signs. You should do a full tutorial on the pegboard and the signs. I am in love with both. Thanks for sharing Pat S

  2. What a lovely pop up store you had! I wish I could have come there and visit it :)

  3. That looks amazing! Thanks for sharing!

    Greetings and a lovely day from Germany,



  4. Wish I were in the area, would have come for sure! Ciao from Italy :))

  5. Adorable!! Wish it was where I live (love this style, so tired of girls looking the same in this new fashion/blabla).. So cute!!

  6. Hi There! I would love to make a similar giant pegboard - do you have specifications that you can share? How does it stand on it's own? Thanks in advance!