July 14, 2015

Viva Las Vegas!

Last weekend I had the trip of a lifetime with Gareth. We drove to Grand Forks, flew to Las Vegas where we spent one night, then drove to a 4 day wedding, back to Vegas and then home. I'll be posting photos from the unbelievable wedding in the next couple of days, but here's a little look into our two nights in Vegas!

We couldn't even leave the airport before I had to waste the few bills I had on the slot machines.

This guy. Ready to party.

Our first stop was In-N-Out Burger which never disappoints!

After a quick bite, we wandered the Strip in the sweltering 45 degree heat.

That evening we came back to the hotel, (The Tropicana) took a quick nap and got changed and walked some more. 

First stop was the fountains at The Bellagio. 

Next stop was Frankie's Tiki Room which Stef had recommended and man oh man, it did NOT disappoint! We drank fish bowl-sized goblets of different tiki drinks, laughed until it hurt and wasted all of our $1 bills on slots. 

Sometimes you have to get boozy off of really strong rum-based tiki drinks and spend nearly $100 to get on a huge ferris wheel at three in the morning to have a dance off followed by steaks before you barely make it to the airport in time.

We got upgraded to the second floor from the top and the view was pretty great.

See what I mean?

We stayed at The Flamingo on our last night of the trip, the oldest hotel on the strip!

One last walk around our hotel. I love these pink windows!

A thing that Gareth and I do is a list of things we've always wanted to do but never have. It's a shared list that we add to all the time, and one of the things on there was put $50 on red. Neither of us had played roulette before, but he upped the ante, put $60 on red and won and walked away with $120! Our rule is we have to take a photo every time we complete something on the list so this is what he gave.

Our last night in Vegas after the wedding.

XO, Erin


  1. Oh Las Vegas is one of my dream destinations and in your post it really looks like so much fun. I definately need to visit it some day.

  2. Oh, it looks like great fun!

  3. Looks like you truly enjoyed your stay in Las Vegas! And I’m not surprised, given the plenty of wonders this place could offer. That was indeed a trip of a lifetime! I hope that wouldn’t be the last time you’ll go an amazing getaway like that. Thanks for sharing, Erin! :)

    Lucille Foster @ The George Hotel At Cley